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Okay, the New Year has begun. As is par for the course, we've drafted our resolutions for change and self-improvement in 2006. Do you remember last year's resolutions? Did you achieve them? If you're like most people you answered "no" to both questions. You can't remember last year's resolutions and therefore you didn't reach their fruition. So, why is it that "the best laid plans of mice and men are soon laid awry"? By the way, the first person to email me at with the correct name of the person who first coined this phrase, or it's close proximity...hint, hint, hint...will receive a gift certificate for a free teleseminar, a $12.95 value.

In my opinion, we break our resolutions for one key reason: we select results we can not control rather than actions we can take. This year, write your resolutions but keep this rule in mind: set goals for results. Let me give you a few examples:
Eliminate debt (result…