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I have a tough time giving politicians any slack when they fail to pay their taxes. I'm a honest tax paying citizen of the USA. I have several businesses and I declare all of my income (yes, including cash payments). I carefully account for every sale and source of revenue as well as tracking legitimate expenses. The law states that you do not have to pay more tax than you owe under the law. Law is not about just "word" but also "spirit".

The article that follows is in regards to a politician owing taxes on expenses she (or more likely, her financial advisers) claimed as "Per Diem". Anyone with any understanding of the concept of Per Diem can see that these payments do not qualify for this classification but, instead, fall under the category of income. The spirit of the law was violated. But who violated it?

Was she an innocent in this situation? Did some financial adviser steer her down a slippery slope? Could be. If your employer sends you…